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The Bumble is the dating app which allows the users to facilitates the communication between interested users. In Heterosexual matches, the app permits only women who start the chat with their male games, while in the same gender matches either the party can message first, though all the free users must reply to the messages within the 24 hours of the game dissolve.

The Bumble app is the self-declared feminist dating app which has been pride itself on being the game changer. The Bumble app launched in December 2014 by the co-founder of Tinder, Whitney Wolfe. It is a dating app which always gives the power to female to make the first move. The users can browse through the profiles and swipe right if they like what they see or left if they don’t like. If both the users mutually swipe right, so they can make the match, and the connection is made. The women can choose if the interaction will go further and she wants to start the conversation. The match has been mutually made, and the women have 24 hours to contact with the male.


An App(Bumble) for Women :

The Bumble aims to break the image and encourage the equality through social media. The app is made for the women by women. The safety has the equal voice for the utmost importance. Over the five million women have the initial conversation on the Bumble of June 2015. According to the Wolfe, 60% of the matches end up in conversation. When the women send the first message, more often than the man doesn’t respond. The Bumble app is known for its high response rate.

The Women can control the visibility of their profits in the variety of different ways. The Bumble app aims to decrease the online disturbance, and typically the app is made to attract the decent guys. The Bumble seeks to empower the women and give them an opportunity to be in charge of whether or not the relationship persists. If the women accidentally swipe left of the profile than they meant to swipe right on and they can shake the device to undo the mistake.

Uniqueness in its(Bumble App) Approach :

The Bumble app gives a break to the men and power to the females. The Bumble hopes which giving the power to make the first move and it creates the safer dating environment built on the equal ground. Ordinarily, the man is the one who is expected to initiate the chat, and the Bumble is trying to bring the equality into the mix.

Many women will enjoy this app because it only allows the communication once both the users have mutually selected each other. Going into the communication, both the individuals have expressed some form of interest. The Bumble app is also useful for the man, which find the initiating conversation with the women stressful. The people on the app commonly claim that the women contact them, which makes them feel complimented.

For the individuals who have their eyes was set on the women who did not contact him within the 24 hours, they can also choose to extend the allotted time for the 48 hours. Even when the time continues, there is no guarantee that the women will respond or not. The Bumble app is same-genderfriendly, and there is a mutual connection which both the users have the ability to make the first move.

Focuses on the Safety and Rewards Good Behavior

When the users have the positive interaction with the many other users, then they can get the “VlBee” badge. As the Bumble continues to grow and the Wolfe has started to develop her VlBee algorithm by rewarding the respectful behaviour. To Become a Vlbee is the way to stand out on the app.

To consider for the VlBee status, the users have to Email to the Bumble and let them know what it takes to join this exclusive club. Once you become VlBee, the users can enter into the particular mode where they are only paired up with the other VlBee.

Lack of Complete Algorithm

There is no perfect Algorithm to know how the matches are chosen. The VlBee system is the closest thing for the particular Algorithm which Bumble has. The Bumble will match based on the age, location and Facebook information. The other users add to their education and the job information, and there is no verification process to make sure that those are correct. When the particular preference for the user wants in the other person, then the only customizable option is age gender preference.

The Bumble shows the closest when it comes to distance. Once those are run out, then the Bumble app will show the options further and further away. Options shown can be as far as hours away.

The Bumble only allows the users to have the six pictures, education, place of employment, job title and then the 3000 characters or less tagline. The users don’t have access to have a lot of information right off the bat. Like the Tinder, the majority of the users based on their decision on physical appeal.

No solution for the Unwanted Secondary Communication

The Bumble app prides itself on being the barrier to women from the inferior pickup lines and the uninvited conversation. Once the women provide the first message, then the women can say whatever they want. There is no solution for preventing the disgusting or the unsolicited contact with the men or women after the first contact. The only option is reported or block the user. Women sending the messages it cannot guarantee that they won’t receive the unwanted message in return.

Conclusion :

The Bumble is one of the most popular apps which 100% self-proclaimed the feminist dating app and it is geared towards promoting the equality in dating. The Bumble boasts having over one billion swiped across the entire platform since its beginning.

The app encourages the women to break the stereotypical gender role by acting as the initiator. The Bumble is ideal for the women who are tried to pickup the cheesy pickup lines, unsolicited message and unwanted pictures from the men.