TuTu App Pokemon GO : Download for IOS ,Android {No Root}

TuTuapp Pokemon go: TuTu app is nothing but called as google play store but, where it extends more then a  google play store by providing all the trending apps and games for free of cost and it’s more familiar features. These app has been developed by the Chinese developers. Tutu is providing millions of apps across the universe and supports many and multi platforms for both Android and IOS devices equally.  These app has got the high priority amount of processed tools, and for sure  all the apps and games which are provided by the Tutuapp are  attracted by the every user who wants these apps and games on their device. The only main reason behind the app’s hype is that it has an inbulit joystick for modified Pokemon Go as this makes the user not to travel from one place to another place to catch up the Pokemon’s they can play easily with their finger tips without moving from one place to another. As we said before that the only main reason behind the company’s hype is it provides all the apps without any permission and there are some more special features for it’s hype and popularity.  Now if you’re not the one who is using TuTuapp check and grab or download TuTu App Pokemon go latest version for Ios and Android from here.


Tutu App Pokemon Go Hack on Android via Tutu app:

  1. Open your handset and just make sure that your mobile has been connected with the internet connection before we start the process.
  2. Now once you’re on open your mobile browser and type WWW dot tutuapp dot com. now in this website you’ll find one green download option to download the app version in your device.
  3. Once the app gets downloaded on your Handset, go to settings on your device> security options> mark it as unknown sources> here it’s done!
  4. Now go the to download folder and click on the Tutu and ask it to install it  by taping on it to your device.
  5. Once the installation is completed, now open the app and select the Pokemon Go on the top of the list in the app (Tutu app).
  6. Now next to the tab, you’ll find a green button,click on the green button to start the download of Pokemon Go the most modified version will be downloaded in less time.
  7. Once the game gets downloaded on your device, install the app and use it commonly the way you use the other apps.

Features of TuTu App Pokemon Go for IOS & Android :


Tutu app Pokemon go provides all the apps and games for free of cost where you get the app for paid  in google play store.
And it also provides some points and coins and other tools to. etc.
This app has got it’s own cleaner as like ccleaner on Android and IOS devices. This will help you out in boosting your device up to date and also allows clearing the unwanted data and cache and used data.
This app contains the main tools which are more important to the user. Those tools are used for managing the time,date and contacts.
And the most important one it provides a wifi transfer between the phones same as the Xender app.

Hence, The Tutu app Pokemon Go works as a multi tasker on your device and also can replace many other different variety of apps which requires more of space and storage in your device. And also this app provide some other apps which are not even available on the play store.
The Tutu app is easily available on the internet for free of cost, but make sure before downloading the app that are you downloading it from the Trusted website or not. if yes the bang on it and get it done.


Tutu App Pokemon Go Hack Installation Method:

  1. Open your handset and just make sure that your mobile has been connected with the internet connection before we start the process.
  2. Now once you’re on open your mobile browser and type WWW dot tutuapp dot com. now in this website you’ll find one green download option to download the app version in your device.
  3. Once the app gets downloaded on your Handset, go to settings on your device> security options> mark it as unknown sources> here it’s done!
  4. Now go the to download folder and click on the Tutu and ask it to install it  by taping on it to your device.
  5. Once the installation is completed, now open the app and select the Pokemon Go on the top of the list in the app (Tutu app).
  6. Now next to the tab, you’ll find a green button,click on the green button to start the download of Pokemon Go the most modified version will be downloaded in less time.
  7. Once the game gets downloaded on your device, install the app and use it commonly the way you use the other apps.
  8. Now go to the settings on your mobile and scroll down to security menu and tap on it.
  9. Now mark tick on” Now Enable the unknown sources” option.
  10. And now again go to the home page and open the web browser and just type Tutu app download.
  11. Now select the best and the trusted site and then download the app from the link which is provided on the website.
  12. While clicking the link it will straight away redirects you to the official website of Tutu app support. There you can the tab “Download for Android”.
  13. Now click on it and allow downloading it on your device.
  14. Now the app gets installed on your device and you can use it easily for downloading the Pokemon go.

Modified Tutu App Pokemon GO:

Actually the Modified Tutu App Pokemon Go is the orginial Version, It is hacked one. In this app you no need to travel from place to another place as it consumes the time for the players on the game to play. sit back at the same where you downloaded the game and start enjoying the by playing it from one place by just using your fingertip. Once you  Mount the game on your device. you can see new menu options on the top o the Pokemon go screen and as i said these options will allow you to play the game without roaming and allows the player to enjoy the game by  not moving even an by a inch.  This reorganized version app provides a customized walking speed and allows by the changing the mode while driving or biking. And it aslo provides where the play sets his destination amd the trainer will take care from there and he’ll lead you to the position automatically.



The main aim and the advantage of this modified version is (tutu app pokemon go)  that it prevents  Niantic form Knowing that the player is cheating by following some other tricks and safety measures. And it also helps out by  saving the location automatically to prevent the palayer to resurface when the app gets crashed.

Bumble App Review

The Bumble is the dating app which allows the users to facilitates the communication between interested users. In Heterosexual matches, the app permits only women who start the chat with their male games, while in the same gender matches either the party can message first, though all the free users must reply to the messages within the 24 hours of the game dissolve.

The Bumble app is the self-declared feminist dating app which has been pride itself on being the game changer. The Bumble app launched in December 2014 by the co-founder of Tinder, Whitney Wolfe. It is a dating app which always gives the power to female to make the first move. The users can browse through the profiles and swipe right if they like what they see or left if they don’t like. If both the users mutually swipe right, so they can make the match, and the connection is made. The women can choose if the interaction will go further and she wants to start the conversation. The match has been mutually made, and the women have 24 hours to contact with the male.


An App(Bumble) for Women :

The Bumble aims to break the image and encourage the equality through social media. The app is made for the women by women. The safety has the equal voice for the utmost importance. Over the five million women have the initial conversation on the Bumble of June 2015. According to the Wolfe, 60% of the matches end up in conversation. When the women send the first message, more often than the man doesn’t respond. The Bumble app is known for its high response rate.

The Women can control the visibility of their profits in the variety of different ways. The Bumble app aims to decrease the online disturbance, and typically the app is made to attract the decent guys. The Bumble seeks to empower the women and give them an opportunity to be in charge of whether or not the relationship persists. If the women accidentally swipe left of the profile than they meant to swipe right on and they can shake the device to undo the mistake.

Uniqueness in its(Bumble App) Approach :

The Bumble app gives a break to the men and power to the females. The Bumble hopes which giving the power to make the first move and it creates the safer dating environment built on the equal ground. Ordinarily, the man is the one who is expected to initiate the chat, and the Bumble is trying to bring the equality into the mix.

Many women will enjoy this app because it only allows the communication once both the users have mutually selected each other. Going into the communication, both the individuals have expressed some form of interest. The Bumble app is also useful for the man, which find the initiating conversation with the women stressful. The people on the app commonly claim that the women contact them, which makes them feel complimented.

For the individuals who have their eyes was set on the women who did not contact him within the 24 hours, they can also choose to extend the allotted time for the 48 hours. Even when the time continues, there is no guarantee that the women will respond or not. The Bumble app is same-genderfriendly, and there is a mutual connection which both the users have the ability to make the first move.

Focuses on the Safety and Rewards Good Behavior

When the users have the positive interaction with the many other users, then they can get the “VlBee” badge. As the Bumble continues to grow and the Wolfe has started to develop her VlBee algorithm by rewarding the respectful behaviour. To Become a Vlbee is the way to stand out on the app.

To consider for the VlBee status, the users have to Email to the Bumble and let them know what it takes to join this exclusive club. Once you become VlBee, the users can enter into the particular mode where they are only paired up with the other VlBee.

Lack of Complete Algorithm

There is no perfect Algorithm to know how the matches are chosen. The VlBee system is the closest thing for the particular Algorithm which Bumble has. The Bumble will match based on the age, location and Facebook information. The other users add to their education and the job information, and there is no verification process to make sure that those are correct. When the particular preference for the user wants in the other person, then the only customizable option is age gender preference.

The Bumble shows the closest when it comes to distance. Once those are run out, then the Bumble app will show the options further and further away. Options shown can be as far as hours away.

The Bumble only allows the users to have the six pictures, education, place of employment, job title and then the 3000 characters or less tagline. The users don’t have access to have a lot of information right off the bat. Like the Tinder, the majority of the users based on their decision on physical appeal.

No solution for the Unwanted Secondary Communication

The Bumble app prides itself on being the barrier to women from the inferior pickup lines and the uninvited conversation. Once the women provide the first message, then the women can say whatever they want. There is no solution for preventing the disgusting or the unsolicited contact with the men or women after the first contact. The only option is reported or block the user. Women sending the messages it cannot guarantee that they won’t receive the unwanted message in return.

Conclusion :

The Bumble is one of the most popular apps which 100% self-proclaimed the feminist dating app and it is geared towards promoting the equality in dating. The Bumble boasts having over one billion swiped across the entire platform since its beginning.

The app encourages the women to break the stereotypical gender role by acting as the initiator. The Bumble is ideal for the women who are tried to pickup the cheesy pickup lines, unsolicited message and unwanted pictures from the men.

DS4 Windows Bluetooth

The DualShock 4 is the PlayStation 4 bundled controller is one of the finest gamepads which have handled. It is solidly and comfortably built and with the analog sticks and the triggers which feel just right. You can only use DualShock 4 with the PlayStation 4.

Some of the PC might smirk at the idea of using the controller to play their games rather than the mouse and keyboard, but we argued that there are lots of games which work for better than with this configuration. If you are using the controller, then the PS4’s DualShock is an excellent choice. The button design of PS4 DualShock includes all the buttons which most drivers based PC games are made for, and you also use its trackpad as the mouse input.

The only downside is that the controller audio jack is not currently supported which means you will have to plug your headphones directly into your computer if you want to use them.


It is not necessary to have a PS4 to experience the DualShock 4. All you need is the controller, a USB cable, and Windows PC. You need to use the specialist software to use the DualShock 4 on PC. Now Sony made it easy to connect the DualShock 4 to your PC and get it running.

You can also use the PS4 controller wirelessly with the help of your PC via Bluetooth. You will need a PC which has the Bluetooth built in and you can buy the Sony PlayStation 4 DualShock USB Wireless Adaptor dongle which plugs into your PC USB port. The Sony is delivered the official rendition of DualShot 4, yet any Bluetooth connector which bolsters 2 and the above should work.

If you want to avoid playing with the third-party drivers, then you can get the USB controller adapter like CronusMAX or Titan One. Our review of the CronusMAX gives greater detail, but in short, it is a USB key which connects almost any controller, and it includes the DualShock 4 to connect your PC with the custom mapping and the macro programming, either directly through the USB cable or with the compatible USB Bluetooth adapter. It also cost as much as the DualShock 4 controller itself so that you might go with the most specific and the affordable option.

How to use the PS4 DualShock controller Steam

Steam is one of the most popular game launchers, and the storefront has released the new update which allows you to use the PS4 DualShock controller on your PC while running the application.

The PS4 DualShock 4 support in the beta and it still makes it easy for you to plug in the controller and control your PC games. You can also control the TV friendly big picture mode of Steam by using the DualShock 4 and games will now show in PS4 button prompts in the match.

By using the PS4 DualShock controller on your PC in the Steam, load up Steam and Check for updates, then the least update has been installed, plug in your DualShock or connect it via Bluetooth and you will be now using it.

DS4 Windows Bluetooth :

Catch up your DualShock 4 to your PC. Once took the some of the third-party drivers and the wrappers to trick up your computer into the thinking it’s an Xbox 360 controller, but the process has been made it the lot simpler. The DS4 Windows program streamlines things and packs everything which you need into the single Windows installer.

For the starting,

  1. Just download the DS4 Windows.
  2. Then install it and plug in your DualShock 4.
  3. It will display automatically in the program, and the Windows will think it’s an Xbox 360 controller.
  4. You can also modify the driver’s settings to complete the thing’s like map button and also tune the analog’s stick sensitivity on multiple ways.
  5. The DS4 is free, the ad-driven program through which you can donate to DSDCS for the ad-free version.

Use DualShock 4 Wirelessly

Whether you can use the USB adapter or the DS4 Windows, then you can use the DualShock 4 over Bluetooth. For the Titan One and CronusMax, you can need to plug a compatible Bluetooth adapter into the USB port, so the adapter processed the inputs from the controller directly. For the DS4 Windows, then you can use your computer’s onboard Bluetooth.

The DualShock 4 automatically pair with the PS4 by plug it with the USB cable. To pair it with your computer, you will have to force the controller into the pairing mode. Switch off the controller and you can easily do it by plug in into the PS4 and hold the PlayStation button until the menu appears, then select Turn Off, then hold down the share button and press the PlayStation button until the light bar flashes. It will put the gamepad into the blending mode, and you can interface it to your PC simply like whatever other Bluetooth gadget.

What if I Use a Mac?

There is both good news and bad news. The good news is connecting the DualShock 4 to your Mac is much as much simpler than the connecting it to your PC. The bad news is compatibi5lity, much more limited and you will likely find yourself tweaking the controls and trying to get it to work more than you would with the PC which you think it is an Xbox 360 controller. Just simply plug the controller into the USB port and your Mac will detect as the gamepad. If you want to use the Bluetooth, just hold down the Share Button and press the PlayStation button on the gamepad until the light bar is flashing, then pair it with your Mac’s Bluetooth menu. You have to aware that the Bluetooth connection’s reliability and compatibility are lower than the USB connection. After that, now you have to see which game works with the gamepad. A good starting point is to enter the Steam’s Big Picture mode select the Settings the icon on the top and choose the controller button to play with how it works.

iLauncher Pro App Download

The iLauncher Pro is one of the powerful and the leading launcher for the home screen which you will find today, with the help of this launcher you will experience the fastest speed and the smooth performance of your device. The launcher is available for all the devices with Android 4.1 such as Jelly Bean or higher versions. The launcher has provided a lot of useful features. It also made sure to avoid the “App Drawer” which all the launchers have, and now all the apps will be added to your desktop, and you don’t need to go to the apps drawer to start them. It is straightforward to use, and you can also manage the other apps by moving them to required places or delete the one which you don’t think are necessary. Its indication makes managing everything a lot easier so you can set up the lots of gestures, including the swipe up, swipe down and the home button action as well.

The iLauncher pro has the some personalized features which include, changing desktop grid, infinite scrolling provides added ease, the scroll speed, customize folder preview, show or hide search bar and the variety of other options which will help you in some other way. The app like any other Android app can be installed on the Android phone as well as on PC.

Buy the expensive phones has become the trend nowadays, especially for the Apple phones. Many people can’t afford the iPhone, but there are many available in the market, which exactly looks like the iPhone. The people readily differentiate between an iPhone and the regular Android phone by its theme and the appearance. You can solve this problem and show off with your phone only if you have the iLauncher pro apk installed on your phone.

If you want to give your Android phone an iPhone look, then no other can replace iLauncher pro app. By the help of this app, you can give your phone a brand new look. There are the number of iOS forms available in the market, and you can give your telephone a correct look which you need by utilizing the diverse OS adaptation. The latest iOS version that is version 10 is also available in the latest iLauncher pro APK. The iLauncher is user-friendly and easy to execute. The other plus point about this app that it is available in the Google Play Store.


Feature of iLauncher Pro APK

As we already discussed before, that this app is the best iOS launcher for the Android devices so it must have some unique features which made it one of the top iOS launcher. The features are given below:

  • The iLauncher app gives your Android device an excellent and smooth scrolling ability.
  • By using the iLauncher Pro app, you can move and change the positions according to your choice of your apps by just long press on the icon.
  • By the help of the iLauncher app, you can easily uninstall all the unnecessary apps directly from your home screen.
  • When you are using the iLauncher Pro app, then it changes the icon of your favorite apps by making all the icons with the rounded corners and appearance effects which make them look wonderful.
  • Once you install the iLauncher Pro app, then the dock bar will appear on your Android device.
  • When you are using the iLauncher app, then you exit the edit mode by pressing the back button.
  • You can quickly change the name and the icon of every app with the help of the iLauncher Pro app.
  • By using this app, you will able to create the shortcuts.
  • If you are using the iLauncher app, double tap the back key on it will always take you to the first page.
  • The spotlight search appears only when you use this iLauncher Pro.
  • You can create the folders by using this iLauncher apk.
  • You can set up the two finger swipe gesture from this

How to Download and install the iLauncher Pro app?

If you want to download the iLauncher app, then you can do it from the Google Play Store, or any third party trusted website. You can download it the iLauncher Pro app in the following steps:

  • Open the Google Play Store and should register there by using your Gmail ID and Password.
  • When the Google Play Store is open, then you will find the search bar; there you need to type the iLauncher.
  • After that, the lots of apps will appear with the same name, but you need to install the app with above-shown logo.
  • Open the particular app and tap to install.
  • The file will download to your Android device, and after that, you can use this app.
  • If you want to download this app from the third party, then you can download it by searching the app with its key words.
  • The best thing about download this app from the third party, then you can download the latest as well as the old version too.
  • Once it is installed, then you can use it as your phone default launcher.

Update the new version of iLauncher Pro APK

The new version of iLauncher Pro APK, which is the version came with some excellent features such as:

  • The back key will act as the home key.
  • The huge change in tablet layout which is 4*4
  • It will support all the themes of Apex Launcher, Nova Launcher, Go Launcher and icon packs.
  • The new version is more pleasant, smooth and elaborate.
  • The new version fixes the bug which is the home screen wallpaper becomes black whenever the notification bar of iNoty was being dragged down to especially on the Lollipop OS.


The iLauncher Pro app is one of the best iOS Launcher app for any Android device, especially for the devices which looks like an iPhone. Once you install this app, the user will face some problem such as the theme and all the things changes to iPhone style, but it becomes routine after some time when the user understands how to use it.

Z4Root APK Download

The one click was popular back in the 2011-12, now there are many ways to rooting apps which supported almost in every Android device available at that time. These tools are working on the Android versions; Gingerbread, Ice Cream Sandwich, Froyo, Honeycomb and Jelly bean, but the Android security get better day by day, and these tools may not work on the different devices having the latest Android OS such as KitKat, Lollipop, and Marshmallow. If you have got the older Android devices, then you are lucky that these devices have not any official updates in the past and you can easily root them by using the Z4Root app.

Z4Root is one of the best and strong, powerful Android app is freely available in APK version. If you are looking for Root your Android device with the best Rooting app, then you are coming on the page. In this article, we provide you the latest and updated Z4Root for your Android mobile devices. The Z4Root is one of the best and popular app for rooting the Android devices. The Z4Root helps you to Root your any Android system for free and easy. The Z4Root latest APK version is available to download for your Android device. The Z4Root is very powerful to Root the Android system. Z4Root is the latest and current version, and all the features and functions are included in this app. The Z4Root is Root your mobile comfortably and correctly.

The developed and supported by the senior Xda developer RyanZA. The app was released in 2010, by the time it was the handy app as it was able to root the almost any Android device based on the version of the Android OS. It does not support the latest Android head devices because of the security improvement and the patches in the most recent version of the Android OS, but you can still use it to root your old Android devices.


The older devices such as Galaxy S does not have the current developments, and if you are any of the Smartphone owners between 2010 and 2013, then you are probably will get frustrated when there is no developer support working on the rooting, kernels, recovery, mods and ROM. The CyanogenMod and the Xda developer community has the some of going developments, but you need to have the root access.

The Z4Root is one of the most popular Android rooting app which makes it easier to gain the root access on the many Android Smartphones including the HTC, Micromax, Samsung, LG. Please note that it does not support all the devices from the mentioned brands.

Do not worry if you have not rooted the any Android in your life. The rooting app for the Android makes it easier to your Android device. The simple user interface has the most straightforward options to root and unroot your device.

Rooting is the first step of the Android users after picking the new Smartphone or the tablet running Android OS. You may already use the rooting apps like the Framaroot or any other apps, but they are not supporting the many devices. In this article, we are going to talk about the Z4Root app, which is one of the best rooting apps which enables to get a root access to the full range of Android devices. If you have the Android devices like Qmobile, Micromax and any other, then the Z4Root is one of the best options to root it very easily.

Features of Z4Root

  • The Z4Root is the 100% free and the free is always good. The free is always good if you are the millionaire and that is why you need to download this app.
  • If you have not got the advanced Android devices and the other apps are heavy, then Z4Root is your bite. It is very light weighted, and it does not put any load on your Android device.
  • It has the very highest success rate while rooting. One of the other solid reasons for you to have the Z4Root.
  • If you are using the apps and suddenly pop-up appears, then it sucks. The Z4Root is free for the advertisement and you won’t troubled by any of such things with the app.
  • It is designed for easy use, and you don’t need to go through the compound features to root your device. It is great to have this app as a rooter.
  • The Z4Root have the pretty straight forward functions. You won’t have to go through the compound tools to work with the Z4Root which makes it a fantastic app.

How to download and install the Z4Root APK

The Z4Root is one of the remarkable and capable APk of an Android device. It will help you the most edge attaching to your Android devices and PC. The application is supported by out the scope of the android devices and tablets. The Smartphones of this request which roots your Android devices just in the single tick and you would not confront any kind of trouble among downloading the Z4Root APK.

The Z4Root has the two sorts one is briefly is changeless. The provisional root helps you to root quickly, and your Android mobile and the tablets are not established again when you move it. The following is the procedure to install and let’s start using it.

  • Download the Z4Root from the official website.
  • Next step is to connect your device to your PC. For this, you will need a data cable, and now you will be ready.
  • Now use the APK file which you have download on your PC and add it your mobile device, then install it as the external source file.
  • Once you install this app, then disconnect your device from your PC.
  • If the app was installed correctly, then it will automatically show and open your mobile device. If it did not work, then the reinstalling might also help to solve the problem, but mostly there is not any problem.
  • After installing the app, open it, and the next step is to root the phone.
  • If you already know that there are two methods which are temporary root and permanent.
  • Rooting your phone with the help of this app is not difficult because this app does it automatically.
  • Now just choose what you want to do, and the app will take care of the rest.